DMFG Solutions

Serving Manufacturing Innovations

We are a technology & solution provider for automated welding and additive manufacturing. We use digitalisation to automate the traditional production technology of arc welding.

2A1AH6G Automatic welding robot in a modern factory in operation.


Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

We are an Additive Manufacturing Technology Integrator & Solution Provider. For us striving to realize manufacturing oppertunities that come along with new technologies and methods is at the heart of our activities. Machines, processes, software and materials are the elements that have to be aligned and directed to create uncharted manufacturing processes. Gaining new oppertunities for repair and rebuild processes to generate shorter leadtimes at low costs and high quality is the task. By our flexibel and local production systems the enduser gains back the full control of significant manufacturing capacities to dominate its supply chain of critical spare parts.